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K-Soul Magazine is currently a project magazine, digitally published for free online. We currently do not have any form of income via direct advertisers, and are attempting to make up for some of our losses through the use of Google Ads. However, each magazine currently costs about 200,000 won to make, after factoring in hosting costs and printing limited quantities for the agencies involved in the issue. This doesn’t include the price of concerts, which are reviewed by fans who probably would have been there either way.

Current Required Costs

  • Web hosting
  • Despite being web only, K-Soul does print a limited number of issues. These go to agencies that require a record of interviews that take place, potential advertisers and interviews through press kits, and also to the main staff involved in the magazine for their portfolios. Since we strongly support interships, and cannot pay any staff, we want to be sure they have a good portfolio after. This costs around 155,000 won an issue.

As the magazine continues to grow, so will the required costs to continue the magazine. If you have been enjoying what we are doing at K-Soul magazine, and would like to help support the magazine, we suggest donating $2 as a voluntary payment for the magazine. This donation will go towards helping build K-Soul magazine into a stronger magazine. Of course, as a growing magazine with very little income, any donation would be incredibly helpful.