Musical “The Last Kiss” Press Call

19th December 2017, K-Soul was given an invitation to attend a Press Call for musical “The Last Kiss”. Held at the multi-purpose venue for music, dance, plays, musicals, and other kinds of performances, LG Art Center, at 4:00pm.  We were given the chance to witness the highlight scenes for ‘The Last Kiss”.


Musical actor Kai, VIXX’s Leo, musical actress Kim Sohyang and Min Kyung Ah attended the Press Call to answer some of the questions from the Press. EXO Suho and f(x) Luna were originally scheduled to be present at this event, however, they decided to pull out their appearances as respect to the passing of SM’s colleague SHINee’s Jonghyun.


The musical “The Last Kiss” is a story about the relationship of Lady Elizabeth’s son, Prince Rudolph and the only woman that he loves, Baroness Mary Vetsera, who committed suicide at his Mayerling hunting lodge. The story is about Crown Prince Rudolf who meets the Baroness Mary Vetsera in the moment when everything is about to collapse around him, be it for his political and personal conflict with his father or even his marriage to Princess Stephanie of Belgium. The secret liaison doesn’t escape the attention of Prime Minister Eduard Taaffe, who is anxious and hopes to use this knowledge to destroy Rudolf’s political career.


This musical was first premiered in Hungary in 2006 and due to its’ popularity, it has been played in many languages and countries ​​including Austria and Japan. Korea has adapted this musical in 2012 where it has received popular acclaim from media and audiences at the time.


Here are the list of roles and who are going to play them in this musical “The Last Kiss”:-

Crown Prince Rudolph

  • Musical actor Kai
  • Musical actor Jeon Dong Suk
  • VIXX’s Leo
  • EXO’s Suho


Baroness Mary Vetsera

  • Broadway musical actress Kim Sohyang
  • Musical actress Min Kyung Ah
  • f(x)’s Luna


Count Eduard Taaffe

  • Musical actor Min Young Ki
  • Musical actor Kim Jun Hyun


Emperor Franz-Joseph

  • Actor Song Yong Tae
  • Musical actor Jeong Ui Wook


Countess Marie Larisch

  • Musical actress Shin Young Sook
  • Musical actress Lisa


Crown Princess Stephanie

  • Musical actress Jeon Su Mi
  • Musical actress Park Hye Mi


“The Last Kiss”, also called “Rudolf” in other counters, is a well-known or its music by Frank Wildhorn. This Musical piece is set to be played from 15th December 2017 to 11th March 2018 at the LG Art Center.


Ticket section and price (KRW):-

VIP : 140,000

R : 120,000

S : 80,000

A : 60,000



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A warm gratitude to EMK for extending an invitation towards us to attend this event.