Winners of 2017 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards


2017 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards ceremony was held on the 3rd November 2017 at the National Theater of Korea. This award ceremony was held to honor those who have made a significant impact in South Korea’s contemporary pop culture and arts, including actors, singers, comedians and models.

The weather was chilly as it was currently early winter season, however, the show must go on! The Photowall session started around 3:00pm for about an hour with the arrival of some of the attendees such as comedian Kim Mi Hwa, voice actor Yang Ji Woon, singer Nam Jin, Jinusean’s Sean, BTOB, writer Ha Ji Young, screenwriter Lee Geum Rim, actor Kim Sang Joong, musician Song Hong Sub, singer Kim Heung Guk and comedian Kim Jong Suk. It was such a valuable experience as we were given the opportunity to be part of such events as we met so many actors, actresses and people who contributed a lot to Korean Entertainment Industry.

There was originally a Red Carpet planned, however it has been cancelled and the media were being notified days earlier in respect of the late actor Kim Joo Hyuk’s passing. May you rest in peace. Nevertheless, the award ceremony was successfully being held in modest! Announcer and model, Jang Sung Kyu and Red Velvet’s Irene had been appointed as the MCs for 2017 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards.


The winner list is as below:-

Category: Order of Cultural Merits

  • Nam Jin (Singer)
  • Park Geun Hyung (Actor)
  • Yoon Yeo Jung (Actress)
  • Kim Ji Suk (Film Programmer)
  • Lee Kyung Kyu (Comedian/MC)
  • Lee Geum Lim (Screenwriter)


Category: President Commendation

  • Kim Mi Hwa (Comedian)
  • Kim Sang Joong (Actor)
  • Bunny Girls (Singer)
  • Son Hyun Joo (Actor)
  • Yang Ji Woon (Voice Actor)
  • Cha Seung Won (Actor)
  • Ha Ji Young (Lyricist)


Category: Prime Minister Commendation

  • Kim Jong Suk (Comedian)
  • Ji Sung (Actor)
  • Jinusean’s Sean (Singer)
  • Song Hong Sub (Musician – Bassist)
  • EXO (Singer)
  • Lee Eung Bok (PD)
  • Jang Yoo Jin (Voice Actress)
  • Jang Yoon Jung (Singer)


Category: Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Commendation

  • Nam Goong Min (Actor)
  • Ra Mi Ran (Actress)
  • Park Bo Gum (Actor)
  • Park Bo Young (Actress)
  • BTOB (Singer)
  • Lee Sun Jin (Model)
  • TWICE (Singer)


Congratulatory performances were done by BTOB, Jinusean, EXO, Nam Jin and Jang Yoon Jung.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to the Korea Creative Content Agency for extending an invitation towards us to cover this awards ceremony!


Photowall Gallery

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Awards Ceremony Gallery

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Reporting: Faridah

Pictures: Zora Guan