The 23rd “I Love Korea” 2017 Dream Concert


3rd June 2017 marked the 23rd time such a huge and prestigious joint concert “Dream Concert” was held since it was first organized back in 1995. “I Love Korea”, using the same theme as in the year of 2015 and 2016, 2017 Dream Concert was once again was held at World Cup Stadium, Mapo District, Seoul, South Korea. To make the concert more interesting, the organizer of 2017 Dream Concert has combined this year theme together with 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics promotion.

The weather was quite cold on the day of the concert, nevertheless, that did not prevented the fans of K-Pop from all over the world to gather at World Cup Stadium to witness and be part of one of the biggest and most anticipated joint concert in Seoul. Disregard the cold windy weather, many of the excited fans started gathered at the venue as early as 6am just to collect free fan gifts from their fandoms all around the venue.

The 23rd ‘I Love Korea’ 2017 Dream Concert has managed to gather 27 team of artists that had received much love from global K-Pop fans to perform in front of almost 50 thousands audiences. The participated teams ranged from veteran singer TURBO to the current hottest idols EXO, Taemin (SHINee), TWICE as well as super rookies such as NCT 127, PRISTIN and DIA. The full lineups were TURBO, EXO, Taemin (SHINee), VIXX, BTOB, Red Velvet, Seventeen, TWICE, NCT 127, NCT DREAM, ASTRO, Brave Girls, LABOUM, SONAMOO, 24K, BigFlo, Oh My Girl (OMG), CLC, APRIL, MAP6, ROMEO, DIA, B.I.G., Snuper, Cosmic Girls, PRISTIN and Gugudan. Once again, LeeTeuk (Super Junior) has been trusted to be the MC for 2017 Dream Concert together with Seventeen’s S.Coups and actress Lee Sunbin.

2017 Dream Concert started with a red carpet ceremony where the participated performers officially greeted the media. They also promoted the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic while giving their encouragement and well wishes for the event to be successfully held. Soohorang and Bandabi dolls, which are the official mascots for 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics were also being introduced and promoted during the red carpet session.

The anticipated concert started a little later after 6pm. 4 cover dance teams collaborated with selected university students to perform dance cover of popular songs such as Fire (BTS), Very Nice (Seventeen), Growl (EXO) and CHEER UP (TWICE) as the opening performance of the event before Super Junior’s Lee Teuk, Lee Sunbin and Seventeen’s S.Coups officially greeted the concert-goers. Followed after were performances by NCT DREAM’s “My First and Last 마지막 첫사랑”, MAP6’s “I’m Ready” and Snuper’s “Back Hug”. A special VCR was played entitled “You are PyeongChang” which was presented as support messages for the upcoming winter Olympics.

Next were back-to-back performances by 4 rookie girls group. PRISTIN performed “WEE WOO”, Gugudan with “나 같은 애 (A Girl Like Me)”, Cosmic Girls with a little bit of Intro performance before singing “너에게 닿기를 (I Wish)”. DIA was the last girl group to perform before a break took over with Intro performance and “나랑 사귈래 (Will You Go Out with Me)”. After the short break, a series of performances by ROMEO, APRIL and B.I.G. took place. ROMEO performed “니가 없는데 (WITHOUT YOU)”, APRIL with Intro performance and “MAYDAY” while B.I.G performed “Hello Hello”. A second VCR promoting 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic was being played to let the audiences took a breather while the organizer prepared the stages for the next batches of performers. After the VCR was over, Bigflo came out on stage to perform “STARDOM”, and followed by CLC with “도깨비 (Hobgoblin)” and SONAMOO with “나 너 좋아해? ( I Think I Love You)”.

A special stage was also planned to hype up the atmosphere during 2017 Dream Concert. The memorable and anticipated special stage was the appearances of veteran group TURBO for a collaboration stage with their juniors. TURBO has prepared a dance performance for song “Twist King” together with Snuper’s Sebin, B.I.G.’s Gunmin, BigFlo’s Euijin and MAP6’s J-Jun. After the fun-filled stage with their juniors, TURBO then performed “다시 (AGAIN)” and “회상 (December)”. Lee Teuk, Lee Sunbin and S.Coups then appeared again on the MC stage to interact with fans before Brave Girls went on stage to perform “롤린 (Rollin’)”, and followed by 24K with “너 하나면 돼 ONLY YOU” and LABOUM with Intro performance and “Hwi Hwi”.

2017 Dream Concert started their second half of event with ASTRO’s Intro performance and “Baby”, and followed by Oh My Girl’s “Coloring Book (컬러링북)”. NCT 127 performed “Limitless”, which indicated the end of rookie performances for the night. BTOB started the performance for the current hottest idol groups with an Intro and followed by “MOVIE”. They then changed the fast pace of the concert by bringing up a soothing performance with “언젠가 (SOMEDAY)”. Red Velvet then took the baton of performers from BTOB by singing “Rookie” and “Russian Roulette”.

VIXX appeared on stage with their latest single “도원경(桃源境) (Shangri-La)” and followed up by “Fantasy”. S.Coups excused himself from the MC lineup to prepare for his performance with Seventeen. The scream form Seventeen was so loud when they appeared on stage to perform a short Intro and followed up with their latest hit single “울고 싶지 않아 (Don’t Wanna Cry)” and previous hit single “아주 NICE”. The current hottest girl group, TWICE, then made their appearance to sing “KNOCK KNOCK” and “Signal” A little mishap happened during the start performance of Signal which the music suddenly stopped. The girls were so cute with their surprised faces during the unexpected occurrence.

It has been two years since the last time SHINee attended Dream Concert as performer, but fret not, Taemin was here as their representative! Taemin performed “Sexuality” for the first time before ended his performance with “Press Your Number”. Last but not least, EXO appeared on stage to perform a short Intro and “MONSTER” before closing the artists’ performances with “LOTTO”. Next, all performers appeared on stage together and performed “Butterfly” as the finale for 2017 Dream Concert.


Photowall (Red Carpet)

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Dream Concert

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We would like to thank to the organizer for extending an invitation for us to cover 2017 Dream Concert. We are looking forward to be part of the media for 2018 Dream Concert!