An Unforgettable Korean Night in the Egyptian Capital of Cairo

An Unforgettable Korean Night in the Egyptian Capital of CairoIn the presence of a huge audience, Korean Expression Crew presented an unforgettable show of b-boy dance combined with a marionette performance at the end of April, at the Cairo Opera House.

The night started by a story telling through a sand art show presented by the Korean Artist Kim Ha Jun. Jun’s exceptional talent for story telling is reflected in his work. His impressive performance captivated the audience as he brought the sand to life. Jun is among the world’s most renowned live-sand animation artists.

Loud applause never stopped throughout the 20-minute sand show, which followed these scenes and narrated the following story: As the sun rises, new lives are born. Flowers blossom, trees age, and animals gallop in the wilderness. A newborn baby grows up to become a girl, and then a young lady. She falls in love with a man and gets married. Time passes by, and the young lady becomes a mother. All lives are the fruits of love. As the seed falls down to the earth, it becomes another tree that bears fruits. Youth, thought to be everlasting, cannot evade time. Then eventually we all return to nature.

It was not just an artistic show, as also it aimed at delivering a message to the audience that “Everyone should fulfill his given time in life with happiness and love.”

Afterwards, the expression crew presented a show of b-boy dance which was combined by a marionette performance. Their show portrayed the following tale: A puppeteer lives happily, performing with his puppets on daily basis in a marionette store at a remote village. In the village where the sun never rises, a wizard comes to destroy the show by cutting the marionette strings and blowing spirit into the puppets. A marionette falls in love with a young lady. The villagers are so enthralled by the wizard’s performance, thus they hand over the theatre to him. The puppeteer and the marionettes perform their last show on stage and sing with joy and bitterness.

An Unforgettable Korean Night in the Egyptian Capital of CairoEstablished in 1997, the Expression Crew was the first b-boy company established in Korea and it aims at developing the b-boy culture via a new cultural industry. In 2002 it became the first Asian b-boy team to win the Battle of the Year Championship.

Four years later in 2006, it became the first Korean b-boy team to perform in New York. 2006 was a bright year for Expression Crew as that year it also received the title of the best concert in Korea’s major online shopping mall Interpark.  Only one year later, in 2007, it was ranked first in Interpark’s ticket sales for September. The SBS channel’s popular show for entertaining called Starking gave the best performance of the year 2009 to Expression Crew. The team saw more and more successes in 2016 as it was ranked the second at the World of Dance Korea and won the Grand Prize of Korea Hip-Hop Festival.

In addition to performing at the Cairo Opera House in 2017, Expression Crew in 2016 also brought life to one of the most prestigious buildings, located in downtown’s Cairo, which is Al-Gomhorya Theatre. The 2016’s show came as a part of the ninth Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan. In 2016 Expression, also during the ninth Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan’s chain of events, Expression Crew preformed in other three Arab countries.

In regards to the 2017’s show, the Korean Ambassdor to Egypt Yoon Soon-Gu commented on the stage “I am very glad to see this amount of Egyptian attendees who are fans of the Korean culture.”

An Unforgettable Korean Night in the Egyptian Capital of Cairo