Meet Club Eskimo: Dean x Club Eskimo At Terminal 5 Review

Despite a long wait outside and a tightly packed concert floor, fans were ecstatic to see Club  Eskimo rock the Terminal 5 stage oSn May 12. While Dean is a known crowd-pleaser, this concert was a great experience to introduce fans to the rest of his collective- Club Eskimo. Let’s walk through them now!

Singer-songwriter Saay started the night off strong. Girl knows how to get down, swaying and dancing as she performed “Run.” After a brief introduction she mentioned her first EP on Sound Cloud before breaking out into a new track titled “Vlack and Vlue.” The audience received an exclusive listen to her newest single “Circle,” Saay’s first official single. “Circle” will be released in a few weeks! The song represents people in relationships. It talks on how their actions and togetherness make a circle; endless like the universe.  Saay likened it to the relationship she shared with that crowd last night. Between smooth vocals and kisses blown to the crowd, Saay slayed as the first act of the night.

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Offonoff, made up of members Colde and 0channel, followed Saay seamlessly. Starting off exchanging “oh’s” with the crowd, the duo broke into “Midnight” featuring Dean. Offonoff’s set complimented Saay’s well. Portraying a similarly slow, powerful sound, Offonoff continued the R&B feel through their set. Their set included their 2016 single “Photograph” and their previous release “Pink Ocean.” Offonoff ended on an unreleased track for “Every girl in the world,” and we can’t wait for the release!

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Miso took to the DJ booth like a seasoned pro. With a trance and smooth sound, she switched the atmosphere from hip hop show to club in a single swipe at her deck. Miso’s vocals are also nothing to shake a stick at. From “Castaway” to “I’m still into you” Miso thrilled the audience before her with her talent. Her first single, “Take Me,” pulled her away from the DJ booth to front and center before her fans. As the song most known among the audience, Miso was backed up beautifully by the fans. She closed her set with a special surprise; treating fans to an unreleased single recorded the week previous called “Lost.”

Make sure to check Miso out on SoundCloud here:

Over the last two years Dean’s name has become a fixture in the topic of Korean music. He has an impressive repertoire under his belt. K-pop artists like EXO, VIXX, and Lee Hi have all been fortunate to receive tracks written and composed by Dean. Then, in 2016, he made waves with her first solo EP 130 Mood: TRBL. Fans flooding the Terminal 5 floor and up in the second and third floor sections were ecstatic to hear selections from Dean’s album and previous singles. Dean turned up the heat with the sexy “Put My Hands On You” as his opening. With undeniable vocal talent, Dean wowed his crowd withheld notes and vocal trills that are best experienced live.

During his second song “Pour Up,” Dean impressed with a cover of Block B’s Zico’s well-known rap break. Following up were flawless performances of “Tell Me What To Do” and “Bonnie and Clyde.” With Miso DJing behind him, the concert hall was quickly turned into club it can be. Dean slide smoothly between the next songs (“Outro” and “21”) he taking a moment to tease his audience. While the crowd returned his energy on the acapella version of “21” Dean joked, “That’s my line!” to a roar of cheers in response. Dean rounded out his set with the smooth “D (half moon)” and the hype as hell “I’m Not Sorry.”

The show rounded off on a club-like vibe; the perfect party closer with American hip hop spinning on the DJ booth and all of Club Eskimo grooving around the stage. We can’t wait to see what the artists of Club Eskimo have to offer us in the future. In the meantime, we’ll be binge listening to their SoundCloud’s and we hope you’ll join us!

Photos courtesy of Katrina Lobaton

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