5 Favorite Moments From EXO’rDIUM In New Jersey

It’s been two weeks since EXO lit up the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ and we still can’t get over the show! EXO-L’s braved the harsh weather and lack of proper marketing and information in order to line up early and greet their boys as best they could. As the first top on their North American “EXOplanet #3 – The EXO’rdium” show, east coast fans had the task of setting the bar high—and boy did they do it! Here are our five favorite moments from the show:

1) Wolf

When EXO released “Wolf” in 2013 international fans were (and still are, to an extent) at a loss for how to handle the track. Filled with aggressive growling, rap interludes, and lyrics that could be off-putting “Wolf” is a track that can be hard to love. In America, the track has become somewhat of a meme. At EXO’rDIUM, fans lived that meme up to its fullest yelling Chanyeol’s intro line “Chogi Wa” louder than any other fan chant that night. To top it off, the howling that resounded around the entire stadium was enough to shake the rafters!

EXO’rDIUM also includes a never-released remix to the track. The new version highlights members Chen and Baekhyun’s exceptional singing abilities. The dance break all 8 participate in is also awe-inspiring; revamping the joke track into a stunning performance.

2) Tender Love

“Tender Love” was one of the most uniting moments between EXO and their fans. The track has a dedicated light stick dance that members Chanyeol and Baekhyun taught to fans via YouTube before the EXO’rDIUM in Seoul kick off back in 2016.

Thanks to a number of fantastic fan projects, east coast EXO-L who couldn’t get their hands on the official light stick were still well armed with a variety of cute, free lights to fill the whole area with white. Following EXO’s simple movements on stage, the bright lights rippled across the crowd like stars.

3) Kai missing his line

May have made a mistake but you can’t beat those smiles!

EXO’rDIUM blesses fans with a beautiful acoustic set of their most beautiful tracks including “My Turn to Cry,” “Moonlight,” “My Lady,” “Lady Luck,” and their 2015 hit “Call Me Baby.” However, in the middle of “Love, Love, Love” Kai missed his line! Smiling through his embarrassment, he caught up quickly and managed to get the rest of the group back on track for the song. What’s even better—while member D.O was making fun of him for his mistake, he forgot to give Chanyeol (who was poised with his guitar accompanying the medley) the microphone for his part! The silly exchange definitely made EXO’rDIUM NY special for the fans in attendance. While we always get access to flawless recorded performances, sometimes it’s the adorable slip ups that really make the moment special!

4) Kai discovering CVS

During costume changes, the members of EXO took turns entertaining the crowd in smaller groups. Through these exchanges, fans learned a number of new facts about the boys. Suho expressed his love for the 2014 film Birdman. He also shared that walking the streets of NYC makes him feel like Birdman. Then Kai stole the show by professing his love for American pharmacies. According to Kai, not only are our pharmacies large our pills are large too!
These moments are highlights of the live K-pop concert experience. Perfect performances and translated variety shows are fun, but seeing it in person always takes the cake!

5) Choreography surprises

On top of movie heroes and pharmacies, EXO’s Baekhyun and Xiumin had some secret surprises up their sleeves. Fans didn’t know at the time, but the two members were ripe to tease the audience with upcoming choreography. Baekhyun told the New Jersey crowd it was time to dance and asked Xiumin for a demonstration. “How do you dance in the shower?” Baekhyun asked much to the crowd’s confusion. Though Xiumin showed off a powerfully sly shoulder shake, fans were admittedly lost as to why shower dancing was the topic of conversation. Then, on April 30th, EXO-CBX (the group’s sub-unit consisting of Baekhyun, Xiumin, and Chen) released the music video for their Japanese debut single “Ka-Ching.” Lo and behold, Xiumin’s eyebrow-raising shoulder shake marked the song’s dance point. Trust us when we say fans were screaming at the realization!

These were our favorite moments. Let us know yours!

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