February 2017 Release Recap!

Catch up on K-pop with some of our favorite songs for February!

“Yesterday” – Block B

After wowing fans with a much softer and more vulnerable side last year, Block B returned to the fun sound BBCs know and love with their digital single “Yesterday.” The song is as catchy as is it fun to sing along to. The bright colors of the music video match the playfulness of the track. If you missed upbeat Block B (and trust me, we definitely did) then this song will definitely brighten up your day!

“Knock Knock” – Twice

JYP’s world-hit girl group Twice is back with “Knock Knock,” the prequel to their 2016 hit “TT.” “Knock Knock” is as sugary sweet as we expected from the girls. The song is filled with the right amount of aegyo, paired with a super cute and aptly fitting knocking dance. Fan boys and fan girl alike are destined to fall for Twice with this video. And we loved the JYP cameo!

“My First and Last Love” – NCT Dream

Though NCT Dream is the youngest of the NCT units their undoubtedly one of the most talented. “My First and Last Love” is a bubbly pop song with lyrics that do well to reflect the innocent and youthful nature of NCT Dream. The dance is equally as impressive as the vocals with a number of groundwork sequences (we can only imagine their core strength!). If you’re new to the NCT units we definitely recommend checking out NCT Dream.

“Rookie” – Red Velvet

“Rookie” is the pep up track we needed for the cold, bleak month of February. Even if you’re not feeling it at first, give the song a few more chances and we guarantee you’ll be singing “lookie lookie” over and over again. Thanks to Red Velvet for getting us through the month with their bright song and colorful performance!

“A Supplemental Story” – BTS

BTS’ double title tracks “Not Today” and “Spring Day”  gave us an expected new anthem and showed us a new side to the boys, respectively. That said, their B-side “A Supplemental Story” is the song we say to check out! It’s the perfect intro piece to their emotional coming of age album. It highlights all aspects of their vocals; including quick raps and wonderful singing. It’s motivational and comforting, something we love to see from BTS.

“Don’t Recall” – KARD

KARD is the new co-ed group taking K-pop by storm. Though they’re hardly the first group to bring boys and girls together under one name, KARD has definitely struck a chord with a lot of listeners. With strong beats, sexy moves, and interesting lyrics (in both Korean and English), people all over the world are falling for this group. Get familiar with their second single “Don’t Recall.”

“Fine” – Taeyeon

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon gave us just the song for Valentine’s Day heartbreak. After the beautiful love songs she graced us with last year “Fine” stands out as something powerful and different. It’s easy to relate when she belts “I’m not fine.” It’s refreshing to see her pursue a new title concept through her constant solo releases.

“Draw Me” – Wonder Girls

This month we said goodbye to one of K-pop’s most iconic girl groups—Wonder Girls. Since 2007 the girls have brought fans a number of hit songs, regardless of changes to their lineup. “Draw Me” is a bittersweet goodbye to Wonder Girls. The ballad shows off their group harmony in another stunning release, filling the melancholy of the backtrack with the sweetness of their vocals. However the lack of music video leaves fans wanting for more from JYP in terms of their goodbye. Regardless, we love the song and we’ll miss you Wonder Girls!

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