VIXX Official Fan Club Opens International Recruiting

It’s time to register for the 4th generation of ST★RLIGHTs!

VIXX is currently recruiting fans globally for their official fan club, ST★RLIGHT, from December 21st 2016 to January 10th 2017. Any fan, domestic or international, can register! The cost is 25,000 won and you can register on the English Interpark website.

To register, go to the “VIXX Official Fan club ‘ST★RLIGHT’ 4rd Recruitment – Global” and log in. As with all registration for fan clubs, please make sure that your member information is correct, and update your name, birthdate, phone number and address if needed. Then, click on “Buy Ticket” and select “1” for the number of “4th ST★RLIGHT” membership card. Verify the shipping options and membership information, and check your registration status at the top right corner of the screen, under “Check/cancel ticket” right after your payment is processed. That should be it!

Once you have finished signing up, you have to make sure that you enter the additional information to become a ST★RLIGHT on the Daum fan page and level up there. If you don’t do this step, you won’t receive some of the benefits like monthly birthday emails.

First, you need to log into Interpark Ticket and go to check My Page. Next, click “Enter/Edit Personal Information” after checking the payment history. There, you will enter your name, official fan cafe ID, and the month of your birth when the window with “Mandatory Fan Club Member Personal Information” appears. Go to “Manage Member Information” and click “agree” under the section “Agree to receive SMS/E-mail” You must agree to receive emails if you want to get any updates about ST★RLIGHT. You must give your Daum ID (not Nicknames, Phone numbers or email) to get levelled up. As well, when entering your birth month, please put it in the numeric format (For example, February= 02 and December=12)

What are the perks of being a ST★RLIGHT?

  • Official ST★RLIGHT membership card
  • ST★RLIGHT special goods package
  • Opportunity to attent the ST★RLIGHT paid fan meeting
  • Priority access during VIXX’s schedule (open broadcasts and contests)
  • Presale tickets for domestic VIXX concerts
  • Level up in the official fan cafe
  • Access to the exclusive ST★RLIGHT bulletin within the fan cafe (and access to exclusive content!)
  • A congratulatory message sent on the month of your birthday

There also will be contests within the registration of ST★RLIGHT!

  1. The 215th, 406th, 524th, 630th, 705th, 929th and 1110th member registered will receive a set of individual member polaroid cards
  2. The 1000th, 2000th, 3000th, 4000th, 5000th and 6000th member will receive a polaroid of an individual member chosen at random.
  3. The 7000th, 8000th and 9000th member registered will receive a polaroid of a unit within the group, members chosen at random.
  4. The 10,000th member will receive a polaroid of the group.

Make sure that you check out the registration page to ensure that you are following all of the rules for registration, and good luck with the polaroid contest!