MonstaX Holds Second Gen Fanclub Recruitment

If you’re a Monbebe, it’s time to get registered so you can be a card carrying MonstaX fan club member!

International registration for MonstaX’s official fan club, Monbebe, opened on January 23rd, and will be open until February 12. As always, you need to be registered on Interpark to register.

Click here to access the MonstaX Fanclub registration page.

There are many perks to becoming an official member of MonstaX’s fanclub. You will receive:

  1. A second generation Monbebe membership card
  2. Membership presents which include
    1. Commemorative goods
    2. 1st Monbebe World Fan Meeting DVD
  3. Access to the 2nd Monbebe Only space on the Daum cafe
  4. A discount coupon to the MonstaX official online shop
  5. Early access to solo concerts, fan meetings, and broadcast music programs

Make sure that you check all of the notices available on the registration page.

Registration is easy!

  1. Go to the registration page
  2. Check your contact name and information to make sure everything is correct
  3. Select one membership card (You may only order one card per account)
  4. Check the shipping options and customer information
  5. Once you’ve made your payment, check your reservation history in [RESERVATION/CANCEL’ on the top right of the site.

Remember, if you live overseas, you will be charged an additional rate on top of the 20,000 won for shipping. That shipping rate has not been announced.


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