New Year Eve KPop Party with Halo and MAP6

On the final week of 2016, idol groups HALO and MAP6 of High Start Entertainment and Dream Tea Entertainment visited Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the New Year Eve KPOP Party Concert organized by Yipin Studios.

Before the event, an exclusive press conference took place at ROKKO KL Japanese Grill Dining.

Halo MAP6 Halo MAP6 Halo and MAP6 Halo and MAP6 Halo and MAP6

Halo and MAP6 Halo and MAP6

MAP6 was the first group to appear at the press conference. They started off with self-introductions and prepared a special song for the local fans called ‘Rasa Sayang’. After singing this song for the fans, they were asked if they knew what the song was about. Leader Minhyuk replied that they understand that the song is about being able to feel one’s love which is why they decided to sing it for their fans.

MAP6 also told the media that they were very happy to finally be able to meet face to face with their Malaysian fans during the greeting session at Berjaya Times Square. They said that all of their fans are very beautiful and they are grateful to receive such overwhelming love and support. Sun especially enjoyed the wonderful reaction given by the fans.

Before wrapping up their session with the media, Minhyuk announces that they had prepared a special performance for Malaysian fans and hopes that everyone would anticipate their stage at the concert.

Halo and MAP6 Halo and MAP6 Halo and MAP6 Halo and MAP6 Halo and MAP6 Halo and MAP6 Halo and MAP6 Halo and MAP6

After MAP6 left the room, HALO joined the media for their session. After introducing themselves, rapper Inhaeng revealed that he had always wanted to visit Malaysia and he is extremely excited to finally be able to perform here. The members of HALO were happy to be able to meet Malaysian fans up close. Other than vocalist Jaeyeong, this would be the members’ first time in Malaysia. Jaeyeong told the media that he had visited Malaysia before with his friends and family on vacation. However, it is his first time in Kuala Lumpur as he wasn’t able to come to Kuala Lumpur previously.

Leader Ooon said that he heard many things about the infamous Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur but hasn’t got the chance to see it for himself yet. HALO hopes that they could visit the Twin Towers and take pictures for remembrance as well.

HALO mentioned that they had learnt some Malay phrases in hopes to swoon the hearts of local fans. Fortunately, Ooon succeeded in doing so by saying “Saya Sayang Kamu”, which translates to “I Love You” in English. He said that he picked it up when he read a hand-written fan letter given to him at the airport.

Before re-inviting MAP6 back in to the conference room for a group picture, HALO stated that they too had prepared a special stage just for the fans and asks everyone to look forward to their performance.